Accounting Services


Quality accounting records are crucial to managing a profitable business and ensuring you have the financial information available to comply with tax reporting requirements.  

Why we can help

We have a complete understanding of a fully integrated accounting system (general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and financial reporting). We can help you with whatever accounting related needs you may have, big or small.


Q: Are your records manual or maintained in a spreadsheet type of software such as excel and you would like to computerize your accounting records?

A: We can help you select the right accounting software, set up the software (e.g. chart of accounts, set up costumers, vendors and

employees, customize financial statements, etc.) and input your year-to-date activity. We can also train you on how to use the software so you or your employees can record the transactions on a go-forward basis.

Q: Are you a small business that does not have a lot of accounting transactions to justify employing a bookkeeper?

A: We can input your cash receipts and disbursements activity for you in our accounting software so you have the financial information to manage your business and prepare your tax returns.

Q: Do you process your own payroll and need us to prepare your quarterly and/or annual payroll returns?

A: We can prepare your quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.

Q: Do you need help complying with your Form 1099 reporting requirements?

A: We can assist with the preparation of your Forms 1099.

Q: Do you have special projects or other services that you need?

A: We can help... just ask!