individual tax services

We can prepare your tax returns as well as estimated tax payments, if applicable for next year.

Are your personal taxes difficult and you no longer feel comfortable preparing your own tax returns?

  • Are you a sole proprietor and need to file Schedule C to report the profit or loss from your business and Schedule SE to calculate your self-employment taxes?
  • Do you own rental properties and need to file Schedule E to report the income or loss from your rental estate?
  • Do you have an ownership interest in a partnership or S Corporation and receive a Form K-1 and need to file Schedule E?
  • Did you receive a Form K-1 from an estate or trust and need to file Schedule E?
  • Are you subject to alternative minimum tax?
  • Do you qualify for education credits?
  • Do you need to file tax returns in multiple states? 

Let's face it, the tax laws are complicated and constantly changing. So please don't struggle trying to prepare your own tax returns and worry that you prepared them correctly. One of our certified public accountants would be happy to prepare your tax returns for you!

We are also available throughout the year whenever you need us. We can:

  • Provide tax planning services - no one likes tax surprises!
  • Preparation of estate and gift tax returns 
  • Representation for tax examinations
  • Answer tax questions
  • Assist with resolution of notices from tax authorities and audit support services 

Inheritance Tax Returns

Losing a family member can be a very difficult time. Perhaps your loved one has appointed you as Executor/Executrix of their estate. We can help you fulfill your responsibilities.

  • Inheritance tax returns (Federal and State)
  • Complete and final accounting reports
  • Prepare the accounting records for the estate
  • Assist the identifying assets