family law services

Divorce is typically a very difficult time for individuals and emotions are running high.

It's very important to engage the right professionals to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

We help clients and their attorneys in navigating the financial aspects of marital dissolution.

We help with each step of the process!

Our family law services:

  • Strategy development, data analysis, witness preparation, and settlement negotiating
  • Preparation and evaluation of financial affidavits 
  • Equitable distribution analysis
  • Income determination
  • Alimony and child support, tax, and cash flow analysis 
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Assistance with requests for production, mandatory disclosure, and interrogatories
  • Assist with depositions of the parties involved 
  • Asset tracing
  • Business valuation
  • Information, document and exhibit creation and collection
  • Pre and post divorce tax planning
  • Expert testimony
  • Attendance at mediation, hearings, settlement conferences, and trial